Finding his groove

Liam was drumming along to the music in the car this morning. He had a tendency to rush the microbeat, but he'd catch himself, go back to the macrobeat until he found his groove again, and just kept drumming.

School vs Mozart

When your boys aren't getting ready for school because they just found the missing Mozart CD and have started listening to it, how mad can you be?

Father's Son

Liam says "If you put your clothes on your bed then your bed will be messy. Don't put your clothes on the bed." It was folded laundry! He is his father's son.

Is it still Christmas?

Mama, is it still Christmas?
If you are asking if there are still more presents to open, no.
If you are asking if we are spending more time with family and friends, yes.
If you are asking about the liturgical season, you are clearly my child.