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Goodbye Christmas, see you next year

At 10:30pm on Sunday night, after an evening meeting, Tim took the Christmas tree down while Nathan and I were curled up together, asleep, in Mama’s Bed. And no, it’s not that my wonderful husband wanted to be sure we got our full 12 Days of Christmas or was afraid that the witches would come to roost in just a few hours as Epiphany morning dawned. Rather, after a week away of Christmas celebrating, we’d spent the past 5 days facilitating potty training and Nathan had spent that same time finally interested in the tree, so the fact that the Town of Arlington only picks up trees one day out of the year and that day was TOMORROW came as a bit of a late night shock. I didn’t even think to warn Nathan when we went to bed that in the morning the tree would be gone. So of course, first thing Monday morning – “OH NO! My TREE. It’s GONE!” We followed the trail (path) of pine needles to the front door and looked out onto a misty morning. Nathan couldn’t even spot the tree at first between the mile high snow drifts and mist of 40 degree weather after a blizzard. But when he did he was very upset. “But I WANTED that tree. It’s my TREE!” After some discussion of the length of Christmas and the life of Christmas trees, it was time to wave goodbye to our tree. “Bye tree – see you next year.” I’m hoping by next year he’s okay with the fact that it will actually be a new tree. Now maybe one of these days I’ll get the rest of the Christmas decorations put away…


We involved Harvey and Zion in taking down the tree: they helped pack up the ornaments and eat the popcorn garland. Even though he knew what was happening, though, Zion was shocked when he saw the tree after I had taken off the lights. "Hey!" he yelled. "The tree is off! Turn it back on!"

At least our tree only goes as far as the little bit of woods behind the house—and right now it hasn't even made it that far. The boys can visit if they want, and Nathan is welcome to join them!

I should have included a link to NPR's Tree-Incarnation Poem:

Now if only the Town of Arlington would actually remove the tree. I think yesterday was the first day Nathan did not remind us "but I WANTED that tree..."

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