Trick or Treating a la 1985

grumpy that his mom always dresses him in orange and green

one happy pumpkin

As expected, trick or treating was a huge hit with Nathan. Not because of the candy - we did our best to encourage his natural indifference to it - but because he got to 1) run up and down the street AFTER dinner time, 2) climb up the neighborís stairs and even 3) ring the doorbell OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

why wait around for a picture when we could run down the street RIGHT NOW??

We chose to only go to the houses of people we knew since we suspected it would be a challenge to get Nathan to only ring the bell once and then walk back DOWN the stairs. We were right. Unanticipated, but not at all unusual, Nathan insisted on taking his lawnmower with him.

When we got home it finally dawned on him to find out what was in those little wrapped things that sounded so great being dropped into a bucket. And thatís how Nathan got his one piece of chocolate for the night.

After trick-or-treating we went to a wonderful, rambunctious Halloween party where Nathan ran around like crazy and dumped out every bucket of toys (or cheerios) he could find even though he was the only kid not totally overloaded on sugar. And most exciting of all was the fact that Nathan was wearing Timís costume from 1985 - everything but the shoes and diaper Tim wore on his second Halloween.

Did you know Daddy wore this costume in 1985?

the seamstress, the original pumpkin, the little pumpkin, the Nana

It was a fun night - I think we'll do it again next year. I bet next year Nathan will know a bit more about candy...

Pelham Weekend

Another post in pictures - we know that's really why you read our blog. Maybe we'll update you on potty training next week. This weekend we were in Pelham visiting Nathan's filly, and family too. We had a wonderful time!

Nathan napped on the ride to Pelham, so as soon as we arrived he was ready to get out and RUN.

run run run as fast as you can

Somehow we talked him into getting back into the car so we could go visit "his" filly Noel. While Nathan had sat on a horse saddle before, this was his first time meeting a real horse up close and personal. He really wanted to like her, but those big smiling teeth scared him a bit. For her part, Noel seemed to know that little boys always come with snacks and that they could be good friends.

first time on a "horse"

meeting a real horse

a little too friendly

After visiting with Noel we met Penny the Puppy. She was half Nathan's size and twice Nathan's energy. They had a great time together, playing following the leader, sharing sticks, and romping around.

penny the puppy

Runaway Baby!

Last night I was offered a toddler leash - one of those backpacks that has a leash attached to it so you can keep hold of your kid while he runs down the street. Iíve become really good at driving Nathan by his hood - and Nathanís become really good at following directions and walking on his own and mostly not away when weíre in our own neighborhood - but I was very tempted. The reason being that two weeks ago Nathan tried to run away from home. On his motorcycle. And heís not even two!

Nathan drove his motorcycle/car toy down the driveway, turned right onto the Lakehill Ave sidewalk, and headed for Lake Street. When he reached Lake Street, Nathan turned right again and continued on towards Rout 2. The whole time I was with him, trying to convince him to turn around and head home for dinner with Daddy, but Nathan would have none of it. Why didnít I just exert my parental control, pick him up and walk us home? Because not only was Nathan determined, he was also tired and hungry and on the edge of a meltdown. So I called for reinforcements and Daddy came to help get us home from a whole 5 houses down the street.

I donít know what weíre doing to do when Nathan turns sixteen.

Pray for me in my hour of need

Nathanís new thing is praying.

Nathan knows that Daniel is the guy who prayed. (In case thatís not enough for you to know who Daniel his, heís the guy who got tossed in the lionís den and had lots of really strange dreams, but Nathan doesnít know what a lionís den is and the dreams arenít in his childrenís bible.) He knows when everyone sits down at the dinner table you pray. And when heís ready to be done reading books before bed he points to his crib and says ďpway?Ē

The other night, after an easy bedtime, Nathan woke up crying and when I went to comfort him and help him back to sleep he whimpered at me and asked to pray. So we started praying. And then he started throwing up. If only heís told me what we need to pray about!

The Other Pumpkin Holiday

Thanksgiving is as much about pumpkins as Halloween, right? I know we're having pumpkin pie AND pumpkin roll. Maybe even some pumpkin muffins. So I guess it's okay that with Thanksgiving just around the corner I'm finally sharing photos of Tim as a pumpkin in 1985. Comparisons between father and son are encouraged.

a picture (sorry, that\'s all we got for now)

pumpkin aerobics

grumpy that his mom always dresses him in orange and green

Did you know Daddy wore this costume in 1985?