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Runaway Baby!

Last night I was offered a toddler leash - one of those backpacks that has a leash attached to it so you can keep hold of your kid while he runs down the street. Iíve become really good at driving Nathan by his hood - and Nathanís become really good at following directions and walking on his own and mostly not away when weíre in our own neighborhood - but I was very tempted. The reason being that two weeks ago Nathan tried to run away from home. On his motorcycle. And heís not even two!

Nathan drove his motorcycle/car toy down the driveway, turned right onto the Lakehill Ave sidewalk, and headed for Lake Street. When he reached Lake Street, Nathan turned right again and continued on towards Rout 2. The whole time I was with him, trying to convince him to turn around and head home for dinner with Daddy, but Nathan would have none of it. Why didnít I just exert my parental control, pick him up and walk us home? Because not only was Nathan determined, he was also tired and hungry and on the edge of a meltdown. So I called for reinforcements and Daddy came to help get us home from a whole 5 houses down the street.

I donít know what weíre doing to do when Nathan turns sixteen.


you should have taken it!!! I was planning an outing with my two kids and Nathan and I briefly thought to myself: I wish I had a toddler leash for that kid...

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