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Why do we blog?

(I mean, aside from the fact we don't really at the moment...)

Once upon a time, we were thrown into parenthood 11 weeks early and needed a place to keep family and friends up to date as we figured out NICU life and life life with a preemie, and so this blog was born. And then three years later we did it all again. And then we stopped blogging.

Initially we had lots of time to write long updates - we were in the NICU, what else were we going to do? And as we continued to have medically complicated kids there continued to be long updates. Then the blog seemed like a good place to share pictures, but I switched from a PC to a Mac and stopped being able to add photos to the blog (yes - I see the irony in the fact that moving to the artist's favorite platform made it suddenly impossible for me to do anything artistic...) and there was no longer time for long posts, so this poor blog has been long neglected.

BUT why not make it a place for little updates and a record that we can look back on and see what our family was up to? So that's the new plan - short and sweet is much better than not at all. And if nothing else, I'll be glad do look back on this record when we are empty nesters (which could be before we turn 50!!).

Now to go grab all those short and sweet things that have landed on facebook and move them over here for safe keeping...

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