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posted by Katie

Mozart and Snark

Driving to Grandma and Grandpa's house earlier today we had our local classical radio station on because Mama was sick of all the options Liam was suggesting and Nathan wasn't interested in weighing in. We also headed out in mid conversation, so no one was really listening to the music anyway.

The conversation died down and Liam started to grumble a bit about the music and then all was quiet until I heard from the back seat:

"Mumble mumble mumble Mozart."
"What Nathan?"
"What about Mozart?"
"THIS is Mozart."
"Are you sure?"
"YES (complete with audible eye roll)"

We all start listening carefully. Liam, who is always reluctant to agree with his brother until he has first disagreed say it's Vivaldi or Beethoven or Schubert (hey - listing composers names is a start) and then agrees it is Mozart. I was unconvinced. Until the second movement began. And it was most definitely Mozart.

Nathan, quietly from the back seat: "Told you Mama..."

Mozart was followed by Bach, who we all agreed on right away.

So name that composer continues, now with a dash of snark.

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