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Day 6

We have added "Before School Gym" to our weekday routine. Which means that by 10:30am I had already done 3 workouts - Nathan's PT stretch routine (we all did it), the morning cardio routine from Nathan's teacher (we all did it) and a repeat of yesterday's yoga routine that Liam wanted to do again (Nathan opted out and kept reading). Then this afternoon we did a 2 mile walk on the Battle Road Trail. This is more exercise than I've done in years! Too bad social distancing seems to be a lot like a long car trip - in which everyone wants to eat all the snacks all the time - otherwise this could be really good for my physical health.

In related news, we neglected to build in time apart for the boys this afternoon, so the afternoon walk began with the boys social distancing from each other - walking a at least 12 feet apart for good measure.

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