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posted by Katie

Screen filled days

In spite of a global pandemic (that's a redundancy, but what other adjective do you give a pandemic?) and the assertion from everyone that yes it is okay for your kids to have extra screen time right now, I think we are striking a pretty good balance of screen time to everything else time. The only problem is - we don't have enough screens. So while the amount of time ON screens themselves feels perfectly appropriate and reasonable to me in this season, the amount of time MANAGING those screens is insane - and the kids aren't event fighting over it! It's the setting up and the switching over and the which video platform are we using for this activity and oh, that one isn't working right now, so what is plan B? I am starting to feel that if we had MORE screens we could in fact reduce our screen time, and that feels totally backwards. Somewhere in the house we have an old Dell laptop, some sort of android tablet and a kids kindle from four years ago. Might be time to see what they can do...

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