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posted by Katie

Sunday morning creativity

7:40 am Story Writing
Liam: "nathan, Nathan, NATHAN! You spelled "be" wrong."
Nathan: "I did?"
Liam: "It's B-Y"
Nathan: "How do you know?"

And then they wrapped up their story and were on to legos, and an hour later the lego play continues.

I miss being together in church (this is week 3 for us b/c we didn't go the church the last week services were held in person) but this first Sunday morning that the boys are really setting their own creative schedule (service is not till 10am) is lovely.


9:25am (as Tim got back from the studio)
"Dada, Dada, We've been playing downstairs by ourselves this whole time and haven't fought once! And Mama hasn't even been downstairs!"
Mama has not been downstairs precisely BECAUSE they have been playing together so well - don't mess with a good thing!

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