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posted by Katie

Day 10 - An introvert worshiping from home

You might think for an introvert, church online would be a great thing. After three weeks of it, I've decided for this introvert it is not. Even if I have to remind myself that hospitality and connecting are things I believe in and am capable of so that I don't give in to the temptation to make a beeline for home right after service, I do actually want to be worshiping with a community of people. I'm a bit of a snob who grew up in the amazing choral tradition of the Episcopal Church so now that I find myself in the world of more contemporary Christian music I tend to only sing the songs I like (or that at least fit in my vocal range) and yet even if I am not singing I value being among others who are. You can't do that at home. Over the past few years more and more corporate payer has worked its way into our liturgy and I love all the voices coming together as one. Just hearing my family's voices - as much as I love them - is not the same. So I am getting used to this, and am looking forward to being together again whenever that is. Who knows, maybe this season of social distancing will be the season I get out of my introverted space.

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