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posted by Katie

Day 11

I've been thinking about all the free offerings that have been created or made available in the last week. There are not enough hours in the day to enjoy them all, but it is wonderful that they exist. Building community, making outlets for beauty and creativity and learning and self care free and available are all good things. But part of me also feels like all these things now exist because we all feel the need to DO SOMETHING. And putting free resources out into the world is a way to do something. But what if what we are doing doesn't put anything out into the world? what if there is "nothing" to show for it? The pressure to DO, participate, help make better in this time of uncertainty is still there. I guess that's why I wish our governor had issued a stay at home order today instead of just an advisory. Sure, with all non-essential businesses closed for the next two weeks starting tomorrow, there is a lot less to go out for, but an order to stay home would have made it abundantly clear that in just staying put we are in fact DOING - and we are doing the most important thing we can do, reduce as much as possible the ability of this virus to spread. Not by DOING but by just BEING.

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