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A bit of comparison

We have maybe a half dozen pictures of me pregnant with Nathan, and somehow we’re doing even worse this time. But for comparison’s sake, I figured we better get a picture this week before we are even further away from the only late pregnancy documentation we have from the last time round.

So here you go, two equally unflattering photos – getting ready to go skiing at 25 weeks with Nathan and getting ready for bed at 26 weeks with Baby #2

25 weeks with Nathan

a picture (sorry, that\'s all we got for now)

The countdowns begin

It's official - I'm am currently the size I was when Nathan was born. Four weeks earlier. Which brings us to the first countdown of this pregnancy - getting passed big brother's birthday age. On Tuesday May 28th we will enter into uncharted pregnancy territory. Let the anticipation begin.

Complain, complain, complain... An Update

Well, as an update to Tuesday's complaining, I am pleased to report that I have not infact completely forgotten the experience of being pregnant with Nathan, nor did I have completely unreasonable expectations for this pregnancy, it just that I am in fact quite a bit larger than I was with Nathan. Our midwife said so. And she had her fancy measuring tape to prove it. 21 weeks, measuring at 24. I see a waddle-y summer in my future.

The week I lost my belly button

Last week I watched as my belly button slowly disappeared, so please indulge me while I complain about it.

This pregnancy feels so different from Nathan’s.

With Nathan I was pregnant for the first time, had no expectations, and was also in the big Christmas production that is The Christmas Revels for the first time (because that was good planning…) so I just sort of muddled / wandered my way through / enjoyed both. Aside from bouts of extreme nausea that came and went in the first trimester (along with the inability to even think about moving vehicles without being sick) and a few episodes of acid reflux that felt like a heart attack, my memory is that it all went fairly smoothly. At least until it stopped being a pregnancy and became preterm labor and birth. Nathan wasn’t a big mover, I had a few maternity clothes, but I didn’t really have to deal with the realities of my changing shape until the second week of shows, about 22 weeks in, when we started having to adjust my costume each night to accommodate a growing belly. Somewhere in those late 20s we went skiing, and it it wasn’t until I hit 6 months, 28 weeks, that I got offered a seat on the T. And then at 29 weeks Nathan was born.

I tried not to have expectation this time around, but I did sort of assume my body would follow the same schedule and end up the same shape (and then some, since, you know, I’ve got an extra 11 weeks of pregnancy and growing this time), but no. This is turning out to be a much more medicated, much more body / clothes challenging experience.

Prenatal vitamins are a given, but real, ongoing, please give me a pill to make it stop, heartburn? And the daily sinus pain management? We’re up to five pills a day. Ridiculous! And now we’re 4 weeks into progesterone shots, which aren’t great fun, but at least we sort of knew would be part of the “high risk” pregnancy package. Sigh. The wonders of modern medicine meet the low key, nobody panic world of midwifery that we’ve been trying to stay in.

But I think I could handle the meds and lack of energy and overall, this is not quite what I expected from my body, of it all if only I could figure out how to dress myself. Getting dressed in the morning has been one of the most frustrating parts of this pregnancy so far.

For a number of reasons, I held off sharing the news at work until I was 4 + months pregnant, which meant 5 days a week, getting dressed in the morning was focused solely around trying to not look pregnant. Which should not have been so hard! I mean, who’s really showing that early? Well, I guess second time moms or those of us with lame-o abs that gave up as soon as the kid started growing. Tim went from telling me that “that looks great” or “maybe don’t wear stripes” to “you just look like you’ve put on a bit of weight” and in the end we were joking about my “late night snacking habit” - I swear it was taking up to an hour to get dressed in the morning, but maybe it only felt that way because of the half dozen failed outfits on the bed.

Sharing the news and feeling like I could look pregnant 24/7 should have been the answer to all my getting dressed problem, but no. All of a sudden the shirts I’d been putting off wearing - because they made me look pregnant - and was excited to pull out again no longer fit. My own pants, even with those stretchy pregnancy band things, no longer fit. But my maternity clothes were still too big. UGH. Getting dressed did not get easier. The complaining about getting dressed did not end. (Just ask Tim.)

I have this round pregnant body (which means the sides of my belly feel stretched and sore - also new and unexpected and worthy of a complaint) that I just don’t know how to dress. But at least the maternity clothes are, in the last week or so, starting to fit well and I have parents who, to save Tim’s sanity perhaps?, have spent lots of time with Nathan in the past two weeks so that I can (among other things) get a handle on my clothes and back to getting dressed in a reasonable amount of time. And the weather’s getting nicer, which makes me hopeful that somehow, as the weather becomes easier on us, getting dressed will also become easier (just don’t remind me that I’ll keep getting bigger…or about summer heat). This morning I had an outfit together in a matter of minutes. And then I got breakfast on my pants. But we’re making progress!

Okay, that’s the end of my complaining. If I need to complain again I’ll just share what I’ve started saying to Tim when I’m grumpy - “Complain, complain, complain; I’m sure I have something to complain about.”

Ummm, Thanks?

Today one of my coworkers told me that I “don’t even look pregnant.” I think she meant this as a compliment, but I’d like to think that I look as though I’ve put on these 15 extra pounds (that I wouldn’t otherwise need) for a good reason. And considering that my mom coworkers are commenting this week that I’ve “popped” and I got complimented last weekend by a stranger in the mall elevator on my “maternity clothes that don’t even look like maternity clothes” I’m pretty sure she’s wrong. Or maybe I just need better clothes for work while I’m growing a baby - that I could believe.

On babies and timing

Nathan, this morning:

Is my baby coming?
Not today.
Why not?
It's too early.
But I want my baby here.
I know, but we have to be patient and wait until summer.
It's too early now?
You sure?

On hearing our baby news, one of the top follow up questions is "when are you due?" In our world, a specific due date doesn't really matter, except to help calculate full term - it's all about not spending time in the NICU. So if you want to keep track, full term is the last week in July - that's the goal.

Here we go again

Which is to say – we’re having a baby! Again. (In case you didn’t already know…)

I’m writing this first bit at almost 10 pregnant, mostly so that when we start sharing the news you can all laugh at me even though I will have totally forgotten about this story.

After a miserable night of what felt like food poisoning but, knowing my body, was probably just my GI tract saying ‘hey, you haven’t had GI issues since Nathan was born – let’s make this pregnancy extra fun’ I called the midwives’ office because conventional wisdom says Pregnant Lady + Severe Abdominal Pain = Call the Doc, and was told that there’s a stomach bug going around so if I wasn’t starting to feel better, it could be a virus. And my first thought? A Stomach Bug can reduce the efficacy of the Pill! Because of course I need to be worried about compromised contraception. Sigh. Now you can all laugh.

So yes, back to real time, we’re 18 weeks into waiting around for baby #2. And once again seeing the nurse midwives who deliver at Mount Auburn Hospital. That was actually our biggest question once we found out this kiddo was on the way – are we going to have to go with the Big Hospital M.D. experience this time? Not that we have anything against hospitals or M.D.s – we’re Nathan’s parents after all – we’re BIG fans of modern medicine and the opportunity to give birth in a high tech hospital. And with this kid we’re even more interested in being connect with Mt. Auburn so that should we need a higher level of care we’re also connected to our friend at BIDMC.

But Nathan’s rocky start has made us (me at least) much more low key than I ever thought I’d be as a parent – don’t stress me out unless there’s a real reason to stress. And I was afraid being labeled “high risk” we’d end up with stressed out docs who thought we should be stressed out too and lots of extra stuff. Instead we’re seeing the wonderful midwife Margi who bundle us off to BI three years ago. Before my first appointment she’d already started conversations with her fellow midwives, partnering OBs and even Fetal/Maternal specialists at Mt. Auburn to make sure we could have the midwife experience while still taking advantage of any high tech options to further reduce preterm labor this time around. She is great. She’s also really excited about this pregnancy:

“It’s going to be so interesting and exciting to watch this pregnancy. You’re going to feel like it’s SO LONG. Once we get to 30 weeks it’s going to be all uncharted territory for you – even though you’ll have a three year old underfoot! (mischievous grin)”

AND THEN she asked if I wanted to try and hear a heartbeat – at nine weeks! It was like when I was discharged from the hospital and before we left Nurse Cathy asked if I wanted to hold two day old Nathan, when I’d thought I’d have to wait a few more weeks. Okay, so maybe not quite as extreme, but that’s what I immediately thought of. She warned me that we probably wouldn’t get an external heartbeat, but that she had a newfangled gizmo that could often get an internal one at 9 weeks – and that in either case, not to worry if we didn’t hear anything yet. The look of surprise, amazement and JOY on her face when she got a strong external heartbeat confirmed that we are in the right hands. Of course, then she said we had a little prodigy and I told her to hush because I do not want this kid getting any ideas like its big brother. I guess nobody’s perfect.

So that’s our big news.

Nathan was very helpful during the first trimmest 24 hour queasies / related GI issues and fatigue (How you feeling Mama? You need medicines?) but we were all happy to see most of it come to an end (where’s that second trimester nesting energy??). Now it’s just heartburn and high hopes for a super-duper productive next few months before that unknown third trimester arrives – then all bets are off!

Pray for 40 weeks - we’ll keep you posted.