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Nipple Confusion and other things to keep you up at night

Nipple confusion is Liam looking at my thinking, but Mama, that's not you you're offering me to chew on, why is that? I'm confused.

I've also learned to recognize the expression (it's a very sweet, thoughtful face) that says, hey wait a minute, I have these new things in my mouth, I wonder if they would be helpful in this whole nursing endeavor... The answer my sweet boy, is NO.

In other news, we haven't enjoyed an uninterrupted night in over two weeks, which is beginning to feel like forever. Disrupted sleep patterns thanks to a wonderful wedding plus heat plus teething (we think) plus Nathan learning from a new book that the dark and shadows are thing to be afraid of has made bedtime hard and sleep inconsistent.

So I guess I'll end with a public service announcement: Books about overcoming fears are for children who already have those fears - not to give kids more things to be afraid of.

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