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... School, Blog, Cloth Diapering, Singing!

So Easter happened, and then the final stretch of helping plan a Maryland wedding from Massachusetts and Ohio, and then more summer travels than we've ever had, and now it is BACK TO season.

So why not add blogging to all the things that we are starting up this week? There will be Kindergarten (where did the time go??!!!) and Preschool to report on, cloth diapering to explain (yes, after a 2.5 year break, we're back at it), and rehearsals to get underway, but to start out slow, a Liam story for you:

In early August, Grammy took the boys backpack shopping to get ready for school. Of all the animal backpacks, Liam wanted a panda bear. But they didn't have a panda bear, so when Grammy went back to the store she texted us a photo of the available animals and asked us which one Liam wanted. In a moment of folly, we showed the picture to Liam and asked which one he wanted. He proceeded to name all the animals - "Doggy, Giraffe, Hippo, Owl" - and then returned to coloring. So we had Nathan choose - he chose the giraffe. When Grammy gave it to Liam he took one look and announced "but I want a hippo". The offending giraffe went into the closet to be exchanged at a later date.

On Wednesday I took out the backpack for Liam's first day of preschool. He took one look at it and said "Mumma, I want a hippo. A hippo Mumma." It had been a month! When Tim came in the room Liam went on to clarify "I don't want that one that giraffe Dada, I want a hippo." This kid has a memory like his big brother. The giraffe has been exchanged for a hippo, and Liam is a happy preschooler.

Holy Week & Easter

Thanks to attending a Christian school and an amazing Sunday school program, Nathan had an amazing grasp on Holy Week this year. Starting with Palm Sunday he knew the steps to get us to Easter and was super excited for Easter. Unfortunately, as firm a grasp as he had on Holy Week, his grasp on TIME is still lacking, so every morning was Is it Easter tomorrow yet???

At 6am on Easter Morning, Nathan awoke and announced in a voice for all the house to hear: FINALLY!

Maundy Thursday we had dinner with our small group and did the yearly Highrock Easter Craft. This year it was tracing our hands on a piece of slate. The slates were collected on Good Friday to represent our sins against each other that pile up, keeping us from fulling loving each other and separating us from God and were used in a video on Easter Sunday highlighting how Jesus breaks downs those walls.

Good Friday we did our annual Stations of the Cross with the Archibald's, this year in the rain.

Liam practicing on slippery stairs - getting ready to fall for the third time

Holy Saturday we decorated eggs with friends.

And Easter Sunday we celebrated all day long. At 9pm Liam was still dancing around the house, singing and spinning as only a joy-filled, over tired toddler can. It was a joy filled day indeed.

We're Irish you know

(Among other things.)

Liam is an Irish nickname for William and Nathan looks like the family tree stopped with his Irish great great Grandma Burke, so you'd think that they (or we) might have some Irish pride.

Alas, on this "wearever" day at school, when the kids didn't have to wear their uniforms and could wear whatever they wanted as long as they wore green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Nathan's only green shirt (that's not a polo and thus a shirt he can wear to school any day) is a practically brown green. Oh well.

It's a Christian school, maybe he'll actually learn something about St. Patrick today that will be worth celebrating next year. (Not only do his parents have no sense of cultural heritage, we also don't drink beer.)

Time Change Update - Nathan blames the government

It's possible that I spoke too soon when I reported on Monday that this whole time change thing, while crazy, isn't such a big deal. Trying to get Nathan up at 6:30am has been a nightmare (remember - on Monday I let him sleep until 7:00am). Yesterday he said his body was still really angry because the government changed the time. I guess if it took at least a week for his body clock to line up with EST when we fell back, I should have anticipated it would be a week long process again.. Trying for super organized mornings it is! At least the Liam's Five AM WakeUp came at 6 this morning...

Daylight Whatever Time

Saving, losing, if facebook is to be trusted, every has an opinion about the time change - parents especially.

I'm not a fan of it, but I'm not going to blame my dislike for the time change on my kids.

Last fall while facebook was taken over by all the complaints about not getting an extra hour of sleep because the kids would wake up at their usual time anyway, only now it would be a WHOLE HOUR EARLIER(!!!) I wondered if people really forced themselves to stay in bed an extra hour just because the clock said so. I'm just as likely to be waking up at my usual time as my kids. We actually used "fall back" to finally get into a decent morning routine. Nathan had a really hard time getting up for school at the beginning of the fall, but as soon as he could sleep until 7am and the clock called that time 6am, we were good to go. He got up between 5:45 and 6:00 am for that whole first week of the time change before settling in to join the rest of the east coast's sense of time. Maybe I would have felt differently if the boys had been getting up at 5am before the fall shift back.

I was a little worried about springing forward would mean for getting up for church and school this week, but it hasn't been terrible. Yesterday, still being in bed at 7am felt luxurious, even if every cell in my body knew full well that it was actually 6am. The boys had no trouble going to bed when the clock said it was bed time last night. And while this morning it was hard for Nathan to get up (he did not manage to open his eye for real until 7am - we need to leave for school by 7:30) we'd planned well and the morning wasn't a disaster.

So I guess if we used "fall back" to make getting up a little easier, maybe we can use "spring ahead" to get into better night-before habits to make mornings a little easier. Or we can just say, well that wasn't so bad, and move on. Either way, as long as we keep up this silly time change thing you won't find me complaining about it.