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posted by Katie

Day 16 - Lead us not into Temptation

We did not have a slow enough day today. By Wednesday I was looking forward to the weekend - my whole being is still getting used to how to live this new do all the things with all the people while everyone is at home reality. But I think that is the temptation - to do ALL THE THINGS. To STILL do all the things we've always done, just in a new way. And now that there is no travel time, we can do more of the things because we think we have more time for doing things. AND YET - it's not really true, and it's exhausting.

So while we (the kids?) had a few slow moments today, we also fit a lot in - getting outside in the yard for the morning sun, an impromptu game of Uno with Henry, a wonderful lunch catching up with Alex and Adina and Theia since we couldn't see them in person as originally planned for today, yard work to get more leave removed and beds uncovered ahead to the rain this coming week, more Uno, this time with Grammy and Papa, prep in the school room for distance learning to begin next week - all good things. But by the end of the day I was once again all screened - and energyed - out. And it seems so was everyone else. We came to the end of the day with after dinner fighting. We sorted it out and enjoyed one more game of Uno before bed.

It will be raining tomorrow. I think we can do less.

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