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posted by Katie

Day 18

With the need to make a morning trip to pickup the school chromebook and the start of distance learning this week, I thought maybe today we could relax our schedule a bit while figuring out the new schedule. It was not my best idea. The morning was great. The boys asked to do the math and reading programs we've been doing, so we did that. Family games were played. But then Nathan had actual school work to do, that was not at all attractive to him having already done math and reading on the computer. And Tim misunderstood the schedule so found himself having to head back to work before I was done and before setting Nathan up to have success with his school work (he'd never before done it in this way, t being day 1 of distance learning...). So the afternoon was full of angst and frustration. Needless to say, we will be back on a schedule tomorrow - one with more outdoor time built in now that we have more actual school stuff to fit in. we did manage to turn the evening around with a rousing game of (you guessed it) Uno.


The blog is working again. I wonder if comments are...

Dan - they are! Thanks for fixing it. :)

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