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Another Sesame Street Day

Yesterday we had another Sesame Street day, this time brought to us by the letter B.

First we learned that is everything goes according to plan, Nathan will be transferred to Beth Israel on Thursday morning. This means he no longer needs the intense intensive care of Childrenís Hospital. We are so thankful for Nathanís care team at Childrenís but are looking forward to the quieter world of the BI NICU. On Monday while we visited with Nathan the chief of neonatology stopped by to check in with us. (She was Nathanís attending physician and just transferred off his team last week.) She was working over at BI last week and gave Nathanís team over there an update and they told her how much they look forward to having him back. This transfer to BI will be so different from the one to Children's four weeks ago - instead of heading into something unknown and terrifying it feels like we're heading into known territory. We canít wait!

Then we got to try Breastfeeding for the first time! (Can we talk about breastfeeding on our blog? Oh well, weíre gonnaÖ) Nathan was great at it Ė latching on right away. Mama felt like she needed four arms, but then we canít all be as incredible as Nathan. Nathan did eventually get frustrated that breastfeeding was more work than milk just arriving in his stomach by feeding tube, but it was a wonderful first time. Babies are SO much better than pumps.

And last but not least, Nathan had a Bath. This he did not like one bit. Hopefully it was because the pink hospital basin bath tub was just too big and too girly and not because he has some philosophical objection to baths. (You never know with this kidÖ)

So, a very exciting day.

Also new since we last blogged, Nathanís central line (the one that went in before TPA treatment began and was sure to become infected) was taken out on Monday. After 48 hours receiving antibiotics by IV, a new sterile line will go in today. Nathan also had a heart echo this morning to get one final picture of the remaining bits of clot before he leaves Childrenís. Nathanís team from Hematology will continue to follow him closely once heís at BI, but the other specialties (Infectious Deceases, Orthopedics and Cardiology) have all put together a plan for him at BI and signed off on the transfer and will only be called on to consult going forward.

And thatís the news. Weíll keep you posted on the transfer.


Wahoo!! That is absolutely fantastic news. Congratulations to all of you. A lot of important firsts going on there - very exciting.

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