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Nathan: 2 Clot: GONE!

That’s right – the final report on Wednesday morning’s heart echo is that they saw “no evidence of thrombus.” Or, in lay terms, Nathan won and the clot is 100% completely gone. YAY! We are so thankful.

Good things too, because Wednesday started out as a very frustrating day at the hospital. I arrived at 2pm, later than I like to get there, because of a meeting at work. My hope had been that arriving later would be a good thing today because Nathan’s new central line was supposed to go in following his heart echo in morning and I would arrive when everything was finished. Instead, at 1pm, while still at the office, I got a call from Children’s – they’d forgotten to get consent from us to put in the new line. So I gave consent over the phone and let them know I would be there soon. When I arrived at 2pm they were still trying to get the line in. After considering how much longer they might have to work at placing the line, I went home, without getting to see Nathan.

At 5pm having not heard from Nathan’s nurse about the status of the line, I called to check in. They did not succeed in placing the new central line and had stopped trying at 4pm. SO frustrating – that the line wasn’t in, that the nurse didn’t call to let me know and that they poked at my son for another two hours after I left. His nurse said Nathan slept through most of the procedure (thanks to a dose of morphine from the morning’s heart echo) and tolerated the whole thing very well, but still. So so frustrating. Because they couldn’t get the line placed in the NICU, Interventional Radiology had to place the line today, so Nathan’s transfer back to Beth Israel was delayed until tomorrow.

Because I wanted to see my son and get the imaging results from Nathan’s Nurse Practitioner, Marie and I headed back to the hospital last night. I’m so glad we did! Not only because I can’t imagine going a day without visiting Nathan but because we got the incredible news about the clot.

And then, just to make the perfect end to a very long frustrating day, Nathan nursed for 10 minutes! Even though he was still sleepy from the morphine. His night nurse was super impressed and I was thrilled.

Today Nathan was flying standby for his line placement in Interventional Radiology (I think officially it’s called being “on call” – either way it means you wait around until they can fit you in) so he didn’t go down until 2:30pm. So we got to hang out together all day. The procedure went well and now, unless Beth Israel has a rush on bed space tonight, we’ll be going back across the street tomorrow morning.


If all this is any indication, you are going to have one strong willed fighter on your hands. Watch out world, here comes Nathan...

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