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posted by Katie

Saturday Night Karaoke and other performances

So Nathan now sings pretty much nonstop. I swear it’s not our fault. Really.

This morning he was sitting reading the instruction manual for his farm yard Lego set and singing Ba Ba Back Sheep to himself. Loudly. Some time in the first few months home with Nathan, Tim made up a song about wearing pants. The song has slowly expanded to include any article of clothing that Nathan is refusing to wear – most recently his shoes (you know, those really important things that make his legs the same length?). Now Nathan’s picked up the anthem and will wake up from his nap sing “shoes! need shoes! each a day!” (shoes, you gotta wear shoes, you gotta wear shoes, each and every day) And these days when Nathan sings along with us he’s picking our key and often staying in tune, or at least getting all the weird intervals you’d except him to miss.

On Saturday night he asked to read “Mahvis Toy?”, an illustrated book of a song I grew up with, and for some reason I asked Nathan if he wanted to sing along with us. “Mama sing. Sing wif Mama.” So I started singing and Nathan jumped right in and sang the whole first verse at the top of his lungs (I had to bail out to keep from laughing). After we finished the book Daddy was asked to read “Mantee Book?” (thank you Alyson) and Nathan jumped in at the end for a boisterous “Das MEEEEEEEEE!”

We also have a Ba Ba Black Sheep book that expands on the traditional story, so your just as likely to hear Nathan asking the sheep for hay as wool. Or, since he's figured out they all share the same tune, he'll weave together his own version of A B Black Sheep Little Star.

Nathan's also been known to sing himself to sleep. Which is probably the only preventing it from becoming a never ending concert around here.

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