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So Easter happened, and then the final stretch of helping plan a Maryland wedding from Massachusetts and Ohio, and then more summer travels than we've ever had, and now it is BACK TO season.

So why not add blogging to all the things that we are starting up this week? There will be Kindergarten (where did the time go??!!!) and Preschool to report on, cloth diapering to explain (yes, after a 2.5 year break, we're back at it), and rehearsals to get underway, but to start out slow, a Liam story for you:

In early August, Grammy took the boys backpack shopping to get ready for school. Of all the animal backpacks, Liam wanted a panda bear. But they didn't have a panda bear, so when Grammy went back to the store she texted us a photo of the available animals and asked us which one Liam wanted. In a moment of folly, we showed the picture to Liam and asked which one he wanted. He proceeded to name all the animals - "Doggy, Giraffe, Hippo, Owl" - and then returned to coloring. So we had Nathan choose - he chose the giraffe. When Grammy gave it to Liam he took one look and announced "but I want a hippo". The offending giraffe went into the closet to be exchanged at a later date.

On Wednesday I took out the backpack for Liam's first day of preschool. He took one look at it and said "Mumma, I want a hippo. A hippo Mumma." It had been a month! When Tim came in the room Liam went on to clarify "I don't want that one that giraffe Dada, I want a hippo." This kid has a memory like his big brother. The giraffe has been exchanged for a hippo, and Liam is a happy preschooler.


I am so happy you're blogging! Also, I kind of want the kids' backpack with spikes on it for myself. Or maybe the owl backpack. :) Happy back to!

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