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Christmas & Santa - are we still doing this?

We're off to see Santa again today, with the nearly 8 year old who knows it's just a guy in a fuzzy suite embodying the spirit of generosity and the 4 year old who has given us no indication that he knows Santa is even something you can "believe in" or not.

Once upon a time, whether or not Santa was real was a BIG DEAL to Nathan - and a multi year saga if you recall - but somehow we've missed all the Santa hype with Liam. Yet they are still both really looking forward to the visit. We're even going so far this year as to invite Santa to our Christmas Even dinner! (Thank you Bedford Santa) - we'll keep you posted on how it goes...

I have no idea what this says about us as parents or our ability to do Christmas traditions... But first we're going to see Daddy sing in Highrock's Christmas concert. Because wrangling a 4 year old at a concert is really what Christmas is all about. Christmas Revels next week! And then Holiday Pops! We will be well cultured (and hopefully still standing) by the time Santa comes down the chimney.

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