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Thoughts on Baseball

Nathan is playing baseball for the first time this year.

To look at us, we just might look like a hardcore sports family: Mom, Dad, Little Brother and Grammy are the minimum in attendance at the start of each game; we have folding chairs and picnic dinner & snacks in tow, all to really just watching 1st and 2nd graders figure this whole baseball thing out.

The truth is, we are a hardcore music family, and Mom and Dad both have rehearsals on alternating games nights and no one wants to show up to rehearsal cold or hungry, so everyone being at the start of every game with all the things is the only way for anyone to end up where they need to be later in the evening, warm, fed and ready.

Also true is that we have an amazing 8 year old who is naturally good at lots of sports and is patient with his parents who don't really know the kids sport team world but are willing to learn. It probably helps that he also really likes music.

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