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I like to rise when the sun she rises

Lovely - the house clothed in darkness, slowly waking with the sun.
Less lovely - getting ready for school and work during a power outage.

My cell phone alarm woke me at 6am this morning. There were no lights on in the room - we have a few that come on over the course of the early morning to help us get out of bed during these dark mornings, so it was a clear indicator that something was amiss. No power. And then shortly there after we got a call from the school that due to the power outage school would have a two hour delayed start. So we lingered in bed, Mama and two boys snuggling together, until the sky was light and two boys decided rough housing was better than snuggling and got kicked out of bed.

We had hot enough water, so I got a shower. Although I regretted the cold wet hair. I did wonder what cold lunch to pack for the kids - they are spoiled by dinner leftovers heated and keeping warm in a thermos most days. If only we had a gas stove! As it turned out we got 45 minutes of power before either kid had to get to school - long enough for the hair dryer, water kettle and microwave to all do their jobs. Nathan caught the bus in and Liam got dropped off (we'll have to call the bus company next time there is a delay and let them know we'll be waiting for them). We got power back from real shortly after noon.

It's nice waking with the sun - too bad the timing doesn't work well for public school or work days. And how a gas stove has moved much higher up the house improvement list.

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