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posted by Katie

Day 9

I do not think I have ever been more relieved to wake up to a Saturday. The mental fatigue of trying to figure out how to make the best choices we can to keep our family and community safe is REAL. And then you add the mental gymnastics of going between kids and work all day long. And we aren't even trying to homeschool!

My objectives for Monday - Friday are simple:
1) give the boys opportunities to do academic-y things that they enjoy and want to do and are not terribly taxing us their parents (they love any computer math game)
2) give ourselves work time
3) encourage creative, independant play
4) not kill each other

In fact, I just crowd sourced the most non-committal music lesson ever:
Each week (at least until it becomes more taxing than fun) we are learning a (very little) bit about a new composer by listening to (a few minutes of) 3-4 contrasting pieces (or movements), drawing what we hear, and then at the end Surprise! it was all the same composer and here's a little bit about them. (It's only been two weeks - they have not caught on to the surprise yet.)

Week one of this music activity was inspired by my discovery of One-Hit Wonders / Second-Best Songs (which reminds me - I should see what other artists I can pull from there!) and week two was a total cop-out with The Four Seasons.

So my brain is tired and glad for the weekend.

This morning the kids played, had breakfast, played some more - this time with Dada - and then at 10:30am we headed out - Nathan and I on bikes and Liam and Dada with scooters in the trunk. We all made our way to the Narrow Gauge bike path at Fawn Lake - Liam went to practice on a two wheel scooter and Nathan and I headed towards Lexington. In the end Liam spent more time making sure Dada got time on the two wheel scooter than riding it himself. Nathan and I did an 8 mile loop. It was the morning we needed. We'll try not to put too many expectations on tomorrow and see how our heads are doing when Monday comes around again.


I've been really enjoying reading your updates! Such a strange time... it really does seem worth it to make a record of it. I hope things continue to go well enough that you want to keep it up!

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