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posted by Katie

Happy Due Date!

Friday April 29, 2011 - the day we were told to expect baby to show up.

They say the hardest day of pregnancy is the day after your due date, when you're still pregnant. Passing your due date in the NICU isnt much fun either. But today were just excited that Nathan is 40weeks, full term, and that hes healthy and here with us. Now we just have to keep working on the skills needed to come home.

ps. Yes, I do realize there was also a big wedding today, and I was in fact up at the appropriate ungodly hour and could have watched it, but I thought pumping for my son and going back to sleep was a better idea. I was tempted to call my friend and be the first to wish her a happy 30th birthday, but I restrained myself I dont think anyone wants birthday calls in the wee hours of the morning.


Ha! Thanks for restraining yourself with the phone call. We did in fact sleep until 5:45 this morning. A birthday miracle!

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