Major Meltdown

Well, the major meltdown day hit today. The boys took turns melting and tantruming - Nathan over his stretches and morning gym, Liam over the suggestion to write a note to his grandparents, Liam and then Nathan and the Liam and then Nathen while they "played" outside, and then again over legos. It was great. We all were super tired and even hot chocolate couldn't fix it. To top of all off, the governor announced that schools will not open before Monday May 4th. (May the Fourth be with you - and also with you.)

It's only been a week and a half, and each day of the five day work week has it's own uniqueness even if we are trying to keep a general pattern to our days, so not nearly enough time for any sort of routine to really set in. So that is hopeful I think, rather than terrifying. We may all be loosing our cool today, but we're also all still figuring this out. And knowing that we have at least 5 more weeks of being home together and that the schools are working on an equitable, healthy way to make remote learning happen makes me feel actually less concerned about getting any sort of "school stuff" done in these early days. I just want us to keep working on figure out what is going to work to keep us engaged, employed, and relatively happy.

Day 13

In this time of pandemic and trying even harder to keep our germs to ourselves, is "NO BEATBOXING IN THE HOUSE!!" a new rule for anyone else? Only our family?

I shouldn't be surprised that our constant beatboxer (aged 5.75 years) hasn't stopped just because he REALLY needs to keep his spit to himself, but it's been a reminder of what a messy musical endeavor beatboxing is.

Day 12

This morning we played in the snow, bundled up in snow pants and coats (although mostly to stay dry). This afternoon we played in the sun - Nathan in a t-shirt.

The snow inspired me to take a more relaxed morning. I wanted the boys to get outside before it melted, which meant bribing them with pancakes for breakfast, but also making pancakes and letting the first part of the morning evolve as the outdoor play lead. I think it was a success. Nathan's stretches still happened. We got to morning math not much later than we have been other mornings and then the day was back on track. I also added a note to the top of our weekly schedule that reads "This schedule is to give us ideas and make sure Mama & Dada have time for their paying jobs. Be flexible!" So here's to week two!

March Snow

Because the world does not feel upside down enough, this afternoon's predicted rain came as snow. And stayed snow and accumulated snow through dinner and bedtime. Just recently it has started to sound like rain out there. We will see what the morning brings for weather.

Day 11

I've been thinking about all the free offerings that have been created or made available in the last week. There are not enough hours in the day to enjoy them all, but it is wonderful that they exist. Building community, making outlets for beauty and creativity and learning and self care free and available are all good things. But part of me also feels like all these things now exist because we all feel the need to DO SOMETHING. And putting free resources out into the world is a way to do something. But what if what we are doing doesn't put anything out into the world? what if there is "nothing" to show for it? The pressure to DO, participate, help make better in this time of uncertainty is still there. I guess that's why I wish our governor had issued a stay at home order today instead of just an advisory. Sure, with all non-essential businesses closed for the next two weeks starting tomorrow, there is a lot less to go out for, but an order to stay home would have made it abundantly clear that in just staying put we are in fact DOING - and we are doing the most important thing we can do, reduce as much as possible the ability of this virus to spread. Not by DOING but by just BEING.